Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A Note To The Editors: How To Post Articles

Okay so you have an article and its ready to post.

If you are posting some else's article for them, make sure you clearly give them credit. You can check out this post as a "good" example.

Before you hit the publish button, think about the labels. The first and most important label is the name of the actual author of the article. If you are an editor and you wrote the article then use your first name. Also include any co-authors of the article. If you are publishing someone else's article for them, you need to use their name not yours.

After that, the labels you use are up to you. Just remember that the labels are used to find similar articles on the site. So its best to use labels that are already being used. You can use as many label as you would like. Start from the general and work down to the specific. For example an article about The Iraq Study Group could have the labels "George W Bush, Iraq War, Iraq Study Group, James Baker" Labels are separated by commas. Don't use the world "The" in the beginning of a label. Please Drop all periods. As is "Iraq Study Group" not "The Iraq Study Group" and "George W Bush" not "George W. Bush" These labels would allow people to find other articles we have written about Bush, Baker, or the Iraq War quite easily.


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