Tuesday, December 26, 2006


No one knows Goose's real identity. He is a man of great mystery. Maybe he killed someone once and now must hide from the FBI. Or maybe he is owes the mafia money. Lots of money. Maybe we just made him up. Or maybe he just does not want to be associated with Jake and me. The only truth is that no one cares.

About LGDM

LGDM is a game. Two bored guys who liked music and had nothing better to do, started a podcast. That podcast has evolved and changed a lot. Now its not just a podcast. Its really some kind of hybrid. A cross between a pirate radio station and a zine. We hope you like it. We are doing this just for the fun of it. There will be no ads on the podcast or sites. That mean no money. Money makes things very complicated. Actually money is easy. Its the desire for money that makes things complicated. We are trying to make something cool. Something that we and our contributors can be proud of.

Here at LGDM we hope to provide unique insights, laughs, good music, and fun for you and ourselves. We at LGDM hope to provide this through written articles and through our network of podcast. LGDM is open to your points, comments, and arguments which is why we provide our email address, voicemail, and comment sections for all posts; and we hope that you will use these. We hope that you will enjoy our sites and shows and will come again and again.

boogly boogley

watch in wonder as the boys from lgdm grab "web 2.0" by the balls and gently twist them 360 degrees. Bo ya fuck it all and let it burn


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